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Interface Delivers Clear Benefits to Telecommunications Carriers Offering Connected Home Services

ATLANTA, GA – February 11, 2009 – Enhanced Telecommunications (d/b/a) ETI Software Solutions, Inc., (ETI) (, today announced availability of a new interface for its Triad service activation platform specifically engineered to support ClearAccess’ ClearVision Device Management System. Triad’s interface populates the ClearVision database with all the information it needs about each subscriber directly from the telecommunications provider’s billing system. Once populated with the appropriate information by Triad, the ClearVision Management System enables service providers to configure, manage and activate subscriber’s TR-069 compliant gateways, allowing them to provide customer support for home networking devices.

ETI, recognizes today’s connected home is composed of more than just a computer or TV screen in the living room. Devices like laptops, gaming consoles, iPhones, network storage devices, set-top boxes, and Internet cameras are finding their way into connected homes across the globe. Service providers are presented with a choice: simply provide the broadband connection and face obsolescence or provide a higher level of customer care and achieve greater sustainability and reduce churn. ETI’s Triad facilitates and supports the latter.

“Triad is easily integrated to any billing or operational support system via a single integration point,” said Pete Pifer, CEO of ETI Software Solutions. “This new interface is one of fifty we now fully support, and this expandability is key to maximize our customer’s investment in our service activation platform.”

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