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ETI features enhanced applications for Mediaroom including RDVR and mobile RDVR while Metaswitch visual voicemail and advanced caller ID apps give power to users via remote control.

TELCO TV 2011, NEW ORLEANS, OCTOBER 26, 2011 – Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc. (dba ETI Software Solutions) is proud to exhibit at Telco TV’s 10th Anniversary Conference and will feature in Booth #115 the newest and most innovative on-screen and mobile applications that support Microsoft® Mediaroom™ and Metaswitch.

“The applications are geared toward making the user experience better and more powerful,” said Pete Pifer, Chairman and CEO of ETI Software Solutions and TelcoTV panelist. “Service providers know the value of their customers and the more unique and convenient options they can offer them, the better.”

On-screen applications for Metaswitch allow subscribers to interact directly on their TV screen by using the remote control and include enhanced Caller ID, Caller ID History Log, On-Screen Visual Voicemail, and the “Click to Call Back” function. The first deployments of the on-screen telephony applications will be with ETI video partner Microsoft® Mediaroom™ with support for Minerva coming early next year.

The enhanced caller ID screen pop not only delivers incoming call notifications to the TV screen in real time, and allows the user to disable or suspend caller ID interruptions during a program.

The powerful user application Visual Voicemail allows viewers to access voicemail on-screen via the remote control. Triad delivers the details of the voicemail, the audio file, and a speech to text transcription (if available) so that subscribers can select the message to play through the TV speakers.

Another convenient subscriber service is remote DVR and mobile remote DVR, applications developed by ETI that allow Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV subscribers to remotely schedule and manage DVR recordings from any PC desktop browser. Multiple online features and simple navigation makes ETI’s remote DVR a better experience for the user.

The mobile version of Remote DVR provides a full featured RDVR experience on mobile devices. Deploying both the PC and mobile versions of ETI’s Remote DVR will allow subscribers to manage their DVR from any web-enabled device, including an iOS (iPhone), Android, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile device.

As active members in the Microsoft Mediaroom Application Developers Program, ETI has long been a leader in Mediaroom integrations and app development, with deployments at over 30 service providers and including products such as set-top box registration, on-screen caller ID and ETI’s pre-paid IPTV solution, TV Ticket.

“ETI is proud to offer subscriber-facing applications that enhance the user experience and lessen the churn factor,” PIfer said. “ETI will continue to listen to our customers and develop tools that they can use to maximum revenue.”

For more information about Triad and ETI, please visit Telco TV booth #115, call 800.332.1078 or visit

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