Our Mission and History

ETI launched its first product in 1993, and soon developed an extensive array of products for the control and management of broadband technologies. The development of ETI products mirrored the technological advances of the telecom industry, resulting in long-term customer relationships. Soon ETI was the established leader in automated provisioning, mediation and activation software for video, voice and data over a wide range of technologies, with expertise in IPTV integrations and FTTH networks.

With over 150 deployments throughout North America, ETI was positioned for even more growth and in 2014 acquired Netmania, the preeminent developer of ACS TR-069 device management technology. Netmania was involved with one of the first providers in the world to adopt the TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol, and continues to manage millions of devices across the globe as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The merger gives ETI a technological edge in device management and created a world-wide presence, strengthening ETI’s customer base in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Today as broadband service providers seek to provide superior customer experiences, ETI has moved to the service assurance realm, introducing its Vision360 product line. The Vision360 suite offers a comprehensive yet modular, integrated solution that empowers CEOs to CSRs to proactively address subscriber-facing issues to operate more efficiently.

The key employees of ETI have extensive experience in software development and system design with companies such as Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft and Motorola in the fields of cable TV, telephone and satellite communications. Although the development of leading-edge technology products is a top priority, the primary goal at ETI is to provide outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

ETI is privately held with no long-term debts or liabilities. Customer references provided upon request or click here.

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